All Hallows Parish
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Organ Line Drawing The Pipe Organ at the Brick Church
Installed Spring, 2010
Dedicated and consecrated October 3, 2010
Inside Brick Church
A mechanical action organ built by A. David Moore of North Pomfret, Vermont, is at our Brick Church location.
This unique instrument generated interest from around the country even before its completion. Its innovative physical layout, dictated by the limitations of the building, and its tonal design, influenced by both historic European styles and Mr. Moore's experience with 19th Century American organs, have created a 13-stop instrument with an exceptional variety of tonal resources for leading congregational singing, accompanying choral music, and presenting a significant amount of solo organ literature.
  The Organ's
tonal resources are
as follows:


Open Diapason 8

Holpipe 8

Viol 8

Principal 4

Twelfth 2 2/3

Fifteenth 2

Tierce 1 3/5

Hautboy 8


Stopt Diapason 8

Chimney Flute 4

Fifteenth 2

Dulcian 8


Bourdon 16
Mr. Moore was chosen on the basis of both his prior installations and restorations and his willingness to create a design that blended with and complemented the simple Georgian architecture of the 280-year-old historic sanctuary.

For more information on David Moore, click HERE to go to his website.
Organ Construction  

Organ Construction  
The resulting instrument represents the best of environmentally sensitive practices, with the vast majority of materials from renewable, recycled, or repurposed sources. Wood harvested from the Moore family farm, re-alloyed and recycled metal from old organ pipes, and even moose and cow bone, as well as recycled hardwood flooring, have all found their way into the instrument.